Apply for a free AI-Baking Design Sprint!

Based on our own tool the Data Bakery and inspired by Google Design sprint we have taken the next step towards combining data, design, and business to fast-forward your next AI initiative. The AI-Baking Design Sprint allows us to work closely with your organization to shortening the time from idea to real action by in a structured way explore what AI initiative that will get most impact for both your organization and your customers.

During five half-days divided into five weeks we will give your team an end-to end understanding of deploying AI- from understanding and selecting use cases to how to scale up within your own organization. At the same time we learn about AI, we also create tangible results. You will be working practical together in teams with your own business cases, data and customer needs.

What to expect?

You will get the opportunity to build awareness of AI within different levels in your organization. Based on your needs, identified opportunities, and data readiness you’ll either get an approved prototype for implementation or an MVP AI solution after these five occasions.

Even if you are experienced in AI or a complete beginner, we are pretty sure you have some great potential areas where AI would be a smart(er) solution!

How do you apply? 

For best impact, we have some criteria needed to be fulfilled:

  • You should be able to share a dataset with us (we will sign an NDA before start), 
  • An engaged team that can spare one day a week for five weeks during Q2 2021,
  • A team with at least one representative from the following three areas: 
    • Customer perspective (e.g UX, marketing, Customer Care and/or similar),
    • Business perspective (CEO, CFO, Controller, Business Developer/Analyst or other representative with a business understanding),
    • Data perspective (such as CTO, Data Scientist, data engineer or other IT- representative).
  • We want your application before 19-02-2021 so send us an email directly!
  • The start date will be agreed on together but should be during Q2 2021. 

Again, the above is for best impact- if you are unsure of something, please get in contact with us and we will probably work that out. 

Interested in participating in the AI-Baking Design Sprint or want to know more about it? 


Anna Hüllert
SMARTR | Product Owner 
+46 730 48 19 52 |

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